Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire

Because we know not everyone has a sailboat, we can share with you some snorkeling spots that you can acces easily from the shore.

Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire: The little island in front off the west coast of Bonaire is called Klein Bonaire, or ‘Little Bonaire’. You may only access it by boat. Around Klein Bonaire there are many snorkeling spots but the most famous and accessible one is No Name Beach. There are water taxi’s that depart daily and will drop you off at this special beach. Enjoy the white sand and of course see many different types of fish, corals and turtles while snorkelling! With a half-day trip to Klein Bonaire we (Compass Bonaire) will show you our favorite reefs.

Snorkeling at 1000 steps Bonaire

Snorkeling at 1000 steps Bonaire: When you drive along the Queens Highway on the westside of the island you wil come to a small place called 1000 steps. One of the best snorkeling spots on Bonaire. A small stairway will give you acces to a beach, jump in the water to see a lot of turtles. Best time is in the early morning or late afternoon cause this snorkeling spot is busy during the day. Also look out for your personal stuff cause this spot is well known by thiefs.

Snokeling Lac Bay (sorobon) Bonaire

Snokeling Lac Bay (sorobon) Bonaire: Lac Bay is famous windsurfing spot and many people will come and relax on the beach. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the snorkeling at Lac Bay is great, if you are in for a walk. The bay is very shallow and sometimes the wind can be very hard. But if you walk to the reef on a less windy day you will be rewarded with one of the best reefs on the island. You can expect Turtles, lots of different fish and outstanding corals.

Bonaire Mangroves

Bonaire Mangroves: Near Lac Bay you will find the mangroves. This place is not recommend to snorkel on your own. But a guided snorkeling tour is really great. You will swim trough the mangroves and see lots of sponges groing on and small fish hiding between the roots. Take a visit at the mangrove center for this trip.

The Best Things about Bonaire Snorkeling?

1. Fantastic Sea Life
On Bonaire you will find lots of different species of fish, corals and sponges. If you like being under water Bonaire is the place to be. Our guided snorkel tours can tell you a lot about the different kind of species you will see under water.

2. Easy to Acces
Pretty much every snorkeling spot on Bonaire is accessed from shore. Even a water taxi to Klein Bonaire is very inexpensive way to access the beautiful small island.

3. Good Depths For Snorkeling
All around Bonaire there are nice shallow waters that are perfect for snorkeling. The reefs will start as soon as you enter the water and will show you lots of fish.

4. Nice Visibility & Comfortable Warm Water
Because the west coast of Bonaire is always downwind you will experience a good visibility. 100 feet is very common and with the bright sun you can see a lot of different colors. Also the water temperature is around 80°F and the water at Lac Bay can be near 85° because of its shallow depth.

Why should you visit our Snorkeling and Sail tour?

We set sail every day and visit the best snorkeling spots of Bonaire. During our sail and snorkel cruises you will get snacks and soft drinks. We also have special and romantic dinner at sea cruise, watch the sunset and enjoy our BBQ at sea.

When we’re lucky, we can spot dolphins during the our sailing trip and see turtles when snorkeling.


Dinner at Sea

Join us for an unforgettable adventure! We depart from the harbour with cold drinks and snacks showing you the beauty of our island from the sea. Arrive at our snorkel destination and let our crew guide you along the way with information about the Marine Park. Welcome back on board to a full *BBQ including burgers, steaks, local seafood and house made salads. Sit back and feel the warm Caribbean sunset as we make our way back to the harbour. Departs 2:30pm. *Special food requests accepted.


Sail to Washington Slagbaai Park

Begin this excursion with breakfast on board while we sail north to the National Park. Join in for a guided snorkel tour with our crew or simply relax in the sun. Let our chef prepare a delicious *BBQ lunch for your group with all of your drinks included for the day. We’ll depart Slagbaai at 3pm and sail the journey back to the harbour just in time to catch the magnificent Caribbean sunset. Departs 8:30am. *Special food requests accepted.


Two-Stop Snorkel and Sail

Enjoy four hours of incredible sailing along our pristine coastline with a guided snorkel at Klein Bonaire and another favourite stop on Bonaire. This trip includes an open bar, sandwiches and all of the gear you’ll need for the water. Departs at 9:00am.

We want to give our guest the time of their life. Our excursion has a 5 star rated on Tripadvisor and we are very proud of that.